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DocLab Cure Essence Scrub

Cure Essence Scrub specializes in removing dead skin cells and clears impurities at the gentlest level possible while giving a natural healthy glow. Designed in gel form, it does not include any harsh particles or sandy bits that damage the skin barrier causing breakout, redness, and increased skin sensitivity.


DocLab Hydro Renewal Ampoule

Adenosine has proven anti-wrinkles benefits due to its ability to energise skin’s surface so it’s look smoother and younger. Adenosine anti-wrinkles Ampoule with Adenosine concentrates, promotes renewal, improves skin’s strength, helps skin activate its natural resistance to visible signs of aging. Triple Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule highly enrich with moisture, hydration booster to retain water and function as skin restoring balance to skin.


DocLab Spot Killer V2

Spot Killer specializes in reducing pigments and spots on the skin whether it was resulted from overexposure to UV rays or hormones. Formulated with abundant antiaging and skin brightening/whitening ingredients, it is an excellent ampoule even for general use.

💛 Comes with many antioxidants for maintaining a healthy skin

💛 Contains antiaging ingredients that help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles

💛 Fights and inhibits melanin production and also brightens up skin tone

💛 Also has deep hydration and moisturizing properties for a plump glowy skin


DocLab Premium Hydro Renewal Ampoule

All-In-One Ampoule - Daily 1ml (30-Days Journey)

Your solution to moisturizing, wrinkles improvement with whitening effects. Patented with all-natural ingredients of botanic extracts (MultiEX BSASM Plus)

Various botanic extracts include patented MultiEX BSASM Plus (Korea Patent No.10-0812596), to provide moisture and nourishment into deep skin and prevent aging by providing protection to the skin from ultraviolet exposure. Combined with the benefits of whitening and wrinkles improvement ingredients to help create elastic, moisturizing and glossy skin.


Professional Series: UV Light Sun Protector

More than just a regular sunscreen, the UV Light Sun Protector keeps the best of sun protection while implementing innovative ingredients to bring out skin soothing, healing, brightening, and even anti-aging purposes. Designed to be lightweight and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, it also gives a velvety-bright finish as a tone-up base, perfect for everyday use both indoors and outdoors.

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